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21 July 2010 - Press Conference by Obama, British Prime Minister Cameron

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron hold a joint press conference following their meeting in the White House East Room.

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21 July 2010 - Community Approach To Smoking Bans Not Effective In Appalachia

Local ordinances in Appalachian states with weak statewide smoking regulations do not offer most residents adequate protection against second-hand smoke, according to a new study. Researchers examined smoking-related ordinances at the community level in six Appalachian states. Based on their analysis, they said that efforts should be focused on enacting strong statewide clean indoor air laws rather than relying on local ordinances to make public places smoke-free in some of these states. The study shows that by the summer of 2008, fewer than 20 percent of cities and counties in these states had adopted comprehensive ordinances that ban smoking in workplaces, restaurants and/or bars. The...
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